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Office MovingWe are professional Seattle office movers with a focus on making your move seamless by minimizing downtime, reducing errors and exemplifying efficiency. Monitoring performance of your office move is an important and continuing aspect of our service to you. From the day we reach an agreement until the move is successfully completed, the Project Manager and/or Project Supervisor assigned to your relocation monitors the performance of everyone-from sales, to operations, to the on-site crew.

Office Move Preparation

To make sure that you are prepared for your move, we double check all dates and will monitor operations personnel to ensure that cartons, labels and other necessary materials are delivered on time and in sufficient quantities. This will enable us to perform your move in the most efficient and accurate manner.

We will pack and crate all the components of your office in preparation for for transport. Our relocation consultant will work with you to color-code tag your cartons and furniture; this labeling pre-organizes your offices from the old to new location. Thoughtful planning can make the transition smoother and reduce down time. Most importantly, you get the care and courtesy you deserve from Seattle office movers...a Western Van & Storage trademark for over a century.

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Moving Tips and FAQ's

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