Kent Mover Review, Reviewed by Frances H. on 09-Jul-2012

I wanted to write and tell you what a great experience moving with your company was. The crew you sent out were absolutely fantastic and while I can't remember most of their names, other than "shorty" I really hope you pass on to them each that they were the best. Nothing seemed to bother them when something got moved that needed to go back to the house they just happily put it back on the truck and took it back. Never an eye roll or a big sigh to let me know what a pain it was - and I am sure it was! As well they seemed to always be ahead of the game and quietly added more crew as needed without even bothering me about it. So, we are moving again next year and I will be sure to call you again. I hate doing it but if I have to then it's great to have such hard working pleasant people around. Please do tell them all they were great. - Frances H.

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