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Records Storage & ManagementWhen you need to find a records management solution for your files, look no further than Western Van & Storage. We have four warehouses out of which we provide records storage services for companies of all sizes, from medical facilities and law firms to family-owned businesses and Fortune 500s. When you need somewhere to store those old files, or just need a trusted source of clean, secure storage space and the resources to handle managing the documents, you need Western Van & Storage.

Records Management

Our clean and organized warehouses feature fire and theft protection systems, including 24-hour camera surveillance, alarms and sprinkler systems. We will store your records and track your shipment down to the file with our state-of-the-art inventory management system. This means when you’re ready to retrieve one file or the entire shipment, we can quickly and efficiently locate said file and prepare it for pickup or delivery. We can store however many files you need, for however long you need with our flexible, short- and long-term records storage services.

Let Western Van & Storage provide your company with a competitively-priced records management solution. We provide you with the space, personnel and inventory management system necessary to store and manage files and documents.

Contact us today to discuss your storage needs or to learn more about the records management services we offer. Fill out our quote form to request your free estimate from your expert Seattle storage company, Western Van & Storage.

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