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Olympia Movers in Olympia, WA

Free and Accurate Moving Quotes from Olympia Movers in Olympia, WA

Do you have an upcoming residential or commercial move within or from Olympia? If so, it’s important that you get transparent moving quotes. At Western Van & Storage, we will do everything in our power to provide you with the lowest bid for your relocation while ensuring you receive all of the services needed for a seamless and stress-free process.

For residential moving quotes, we’ll gladly send an estimator to your home before we crunch numbers. This experienced professional takes a look at all the belongings you need to relocate and based on that, determines the cost. One helpful hint: If you want to spend less on your upcoming move, declutter ahead of time. That will reduce the weight of the goods, which will lower the bill.


Customizable Moving and Storage Services

At Western Van & Storage, we can add unique services to our moving quotes as requested by the customer. For example, we can pack and unpack your belongings, transport a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles on your behalf, disassemble and reassemble furniture, disconnect electronics and then set them back up, handle oversized items, and more. Regardless of what you select, we keep our prices competitive.

For our commercial customers, we’ll first send a company representative to the business locations to assess the situation. Serving as a point of contact, that person will go over all the options and then create fair and accurate moving quotes. Even for superior quality services, at Western Van & Storage, we proudly outperform our competitors while keeping the cost down.


Excellent Service

For an incredible experience with your move, contact Western Van & Storage today. Along with a host of innovative solutions based on your specific needs, we also have access to both storage facilities and warehouses.


Local Resources

With mild winters and warm summers, Olympia, WA is an excellent place to live and work. Although you’ll have no problem finding quaint and name brand stores, fantastic restaurants, art galleries, museums, and more, this city has a reputation for its gorgeous outdoor activities. In fact, there are 40 public parks in Olympia, WA along with trails and saltwater beaches.

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Olympia School District

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